Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Monthly Update : May & June 2021

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – May / June 2021 edition. Below are the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last couple of months (and some upcoming items):

· Chris C. has been leading meetings every other week since April, it’s great have this young man exercising his gifts and abilities in helping to lead our group!

· Rebecca W. was blessed in court in early May and was allowed to home plan out to Healing House, where she is thriving; she has another court appearance next week. Laura C. is also back at Healing House and we’re thankful she’s being cared for and getting help.

· Tom M. became an HBF member recently and is helping with mowing HBF’s grass and other things!

· We gave a gas card to multiple people during this season, to help them get to work and meetings.

· We sent Bibles and TJH workbook curriculum to a church in Monmouth Illinois and had a good talk with the pastor as they started a jail ministry on 5-24 and go in every Monday to preach to inmates!

· Ashley S. went to court for the last time on 5-17, she’s now a free woman!

· A young man that we took to the Salvation Army a few months ago, left on 5-16, his mother and I are heartbroken and concerned about his welfare.

· We had a couple of folks help work at the Shepherd’s Staff Food Pantry on 5-21, and again on 7-9!

· Alicia H. got a car and is successful at her job, we’re so proud of her and her accomplishments! Alicia will also graduate from the Lily’s House program on 7-16, hallelujah!

· We gave food to man on 5-27 and a couple of other folks during this season, from our Morsels for Many food pantry.

· We learned of the needs of an inmate at Cass County Jail and were able to drop off some medical supplies to her on 5–26 as well as a box of Bibles for the deputies to distribute!

· We’re writing to over 5 inmates currently and taking a couple of them through The Journey Home (TJH) via correspondence; our jail ministry has been very fruitful and I’m thankful to those writing!

· A couple of us went to court with Ed on 5-24 to support him as he seeks visitation rights with children.

· We were able to lead Luke B. to Christ on 5-29 and Joe T. on 6-27! Joe went to treatment on 7-8 and we’re praying for him to be successful with breaking the cycle of decades of substance abuse!

· Brian & Angie P., Theresa G., & Connie M., completed HBF’s D2 9-month series on 6-2 (see attached picture), we’re very proud of these folks!

· Our group cleaned the church on 5-28 and again on 7-9.

· We helped get Heather L’s friend, Mike, into a 30-day treatment at the end of May. We helped get a couple of girls into a lady’s shelter in Sedilia MO in late April / early May.

· HBF’s Church in the Park went well on 6-6 and a dozen or more of our folks attended and helped out

· Pam A started discipleship with Sharon in May!

· Sarah W. is in training to be a manager at Culver’s, we’re very proud of her, see attached picture

 · James and Laurie have started attending meetings and will also be meeting with Angie and I for pre-marital counselling in preparation for their wedding on 8-28.

· We’re supporting Josh N. with his Pat-It-Forward project for the Drug Court program; he’s organizing a baby supply drive and collecting all things for babies from June 25th thru July 9th; HBF has a drop-off box in the lobby. All donations go through Baby Grace organization in Pleasant Hill, MO.

- Lynzee completed "The Journey Home" curriculum
and is doing GREAT.  She earned the VICTORY tag in June

· We hosted a lady’s recovery group from Springfield MO on 6-30 at HBF, called Adult and Teen Challenge of the Greater South. This group ministered to us in song and in testimony, it was a powerful night and we hope to send people to them when the need arises (see attached pic).

· As some of you know, we’re starting our fundraising season, leading up to our Recovery Walk on 9-3, these next 2 months are critical for us raising support for the upcoming year. Here are some detes:

o The board of Aldermen approved of our permit on 6-21.

o The attached cover letter describes what we’re doing

o We have pledge forms available for anyone who wants to help raise funds, this is what we need help with the most!

o You can donate directly / electronically to Life Issues by going to and clicking on our red “Donation Button” on the right side, and following the prompts.

Thanks for reading this update and for supporting us, I’ll leave you with a testimony from Pat Lee concerning a former student… 

Deonna R. was talking to me about her Journey and reminded me (with tears) how she never would have thought to go to a faith base recovery until we met at C.C.P.S. and I invited her to a meeting. She talked about (with more tears) how she prayed to give her life to Christ that night and how much she appreciated us and what we do! I needed to be reminded of that—that was about 5 years ago and she was telling me all about how the Lord has blessed her since (again with tears!!). I don’t know if you remember this Steve, but we actually met in 2013 when you asked me to go with you to talk to her and another guy at the Worship Center in Harrisonville. I remember that she had all kinds of warrants out for her and she had been cut in the face by her boyfriend. She told me that her husband Corey is now studying to be a Pastor (they have a couple of children together now and are established in a local church and involved in ministry there)! I have to say that God’s grace is truly AMAZING! I have been so cut-off and weak and depressed that God really needed to remind me that we really do have a big impact on people’s lives. We seem to be experiencing good success working together all in one accord on Friday night and out of the Journey ABF. This has really strengthened our people’s transition into the Christian life and the body of Christ. God is truly doing some amazing things among us and before our eyes… in these perilous times! "

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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