Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Monthly update : March & April 2021

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – March / April 2021 edition… Below are some bullet points of the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last couple of months:

  • Kelly R. began video / live streaming for us in mid-February, she is such a blessing to our group and Angie and I specifically!
  • Our Life Issues group cleaned the church on 3-5 & 4-17; I’m thankful for all who help us to clean the church!
  • Kalee S. accepted Christ is lady’s small group on 2-19, Thomas M. accepted Christ on 3-5, and Dave E. accepted Christ on phone on 3-11, Sarah J. accepted Christ on phone on 4-24, and Lynzee C. accepted Christ on 4-16. Chris and Pam and Pat led others to Christ this month too, so we PTL for these souls saved!
Benevolence Issues over the last two months:
  • HBF & Life Issues went together to help pay rent for a student in March.
  • Life Issues helped a student to license her car on 3-12.
  • We bought a part for another student’s furnace on 3-14.
  • We helped another student with his electric bill on 3-17.
  • Gave a homeless couple 1 week in motel (3-23 thru 3-29)
  • Gave a man 2 nights stay in motel on 3-24 & 3-25
  • We put up a different man for 1 night in a motel, then Chris got him into the Salvation Army on 4-1 and I drove him down, see pic below !

  • Chris N. also helped us get two ladies into a treatment facility on 4-15, and Kelly R. drove them to Warrensburg.
This was an expensive time for Life Issues, but it’s why we have our fundraiser; speaking of that, add we have submitted the Event Permit for the Recovery Walk to the city of Harrisonville, so we’ll know within the next month or two if they accept / approve it for this year’s RW.
  • This year’s Recovery Walk will be on September 3rd, so please plan to attend & participate!
  • We added a couple of new links to our resource tab on our website on 3-17, check it out @
  • We had an HBF work day in March.  Many Life Issues folks pitched in !  Below are pictures of Brian Rinker clearing an overgrown fence line,  and Tom Merrit and Troy Lawless staining our boardwalk.  Many other Life Issues member helped, but we didn't get their pics :(

  • Brian and Angie got their son, Conor, back on 3-24, we are stoked for them and their family, he was away for nearly 3 years!!!
  • I got to baptized 4 souls on 4-4-21 

  • We took our annual Life Issues photo's on Friday March 26th.  Thanks to everyone who participated

  • Rich H. graduated from the Joshua House on 4-6, we’re so proud of him!
  • HBF’s Vision Conference was good (4-11 thru 4-13), and several of our folks attended.
  • Lynzee C completed TJH on 4-16, so we’re thankful for her and this accomplishment!
Josh J. testimony, 
“One night I was walking around the casino broke about to be evicted strung out on drugs hadn't slept in about 5 days begging for a ride home from people. I ran into a Sarah W. (Life Issues) and a friend, who decided to give me a ride. And the car ride on the way to my house she asked me how long I had been on methamphetamines. I got offended and acted as if I had no clue what she was talking about and appalled that she would even ask me that. She asked again. So, I told her. My whole life my father started feeding them to me when I was young. She explained to me that there was a better way and that better way with Jesus. That she could help me get into a place that would help me with my addiction and help me better my relationship with Jesus Christ. That was 66 days ago. I have since then gotten a house, a fantastic career at tracker boats, my sobriety my daughter back in my life, her mother willing to cooperate with me because she sees an immense change, my mother willing to talk with me longer than 5 seconds, but most importantly, I have a fantastic relationship with my best friend Jesus.”

Josh is living in Clinton MO and is attending New Life Baptist church and has signed up to be discipled; we’re so thankful at how God worked in this situation!

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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