Monday, March 8, 2021

Monthly Update : February 2021

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – February / March 2021 edition… Below are some bullet points of the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last month:

  • Theresa G. Completed 1 year clean on 1-1-21, see attached picture of her with cake😊

  • We got to give out a couple of boxes of food out during this time period from our food pantry and we sent a team of people to Harrisonville’s food pantry on 2-5, and we’ll have a team there again on 3-26 to help.
  • Jim S completed his overview of the whole Bible 1-3-21 and will help you obtain a copy of this 500+ page resource it if you’re interested (816-877-8525), see attached pic.

  • We got a $50 gift card from Walmart on 2-3-21 for registering in their donation portal, and we were able to buy supplies for our Super Bowl party, see attached Super Bowl picture!

  • Life Issues celebrated 10 years of ministering to the addicted on 2-4, hallelujah!
  • Zach M Got his class B with air brakes on 2-4-21 and was recently able to get his own apartment!
  • Samuel James H. was born on 2-5-21! (Alicia’s doing fine, see attached pic)

  • Brian R was saved in jail by reading one of HBF’s Bibles and was accepted into the Drug Court the first week of February after his release. Brian began coming to Life Issues and HBF and was baptized on 2-14 - Valentine’s Day, we love Brian and are excited to see the changes in this young man!
  • We also had a young man named Thomas M accept Christ as his personal Lord and savior after our meeting on 3-5, and we’re thrilled to welcome him into the family of God!
  • Josh J got into detox on 2-17 via Chris Newby (a friend of our ministry), and we got him into treatment on 3-3. We prayed with Josh and I gave him a Bible, please pray for this soul.
  • My mom died 2-12 & was buried on 2-20, and my brothers and I did funeral; I’m thankful to have had a great mother who took us to church every Sunday, and we’re comforted knowing that she’s with Jesus. I’m attaching a picture of my mother and I; thanks for all the outpouring of love for my family and I during this time.

  • Although we can’t get into the jail due to Covid, we’ve been writing to inmates and sending them Bibles, etc. Jim S heads up this effort and personally writing to over 8 different folks and its been very fruitful, PTL
  • Brian and Angie P’s son got resident of the week again recently (5th time total), so we rejoice with their family. They go to court this week to determine the right time for him to come home, please pray that it’s soon. Their other son, Caleb, landed a good job with Amazon in February!
Molessa A’s testimony: 
"I started drinking alcohol in high school. Like so many young girls I struggled with low self-esteem, and confidence. I quickly learned alcohol helped give me the boost I needed to be the life of the party; alcohol gave me the false sense of reality that I was accepted by others. Around age 20 was when I started using drugs, the next decade of my life is riddled with drugs, alcohol, partying and poor decisions. By the age of 30 I decided to quit using drugs, they were illegal after all, but alcohol was not so I justified my drinking. Alcohol controlled my 30s and eventually took me to the bottomless pit of addiction hell!!

Since finding recovery I have gained such a beautiful relationship with God; I trusted Christ as my savior at Life Issues in November 2019 and for the first time I have a true sense self-worth. I no longer live in fear. I have so many healthy relationships now with friends and family. My children have come to trust me again, and I really do love myself now! Peace, Joy, Gratitude, Freedom!!

The hardest thing I had to overcome was trust!! Accepting help from others was a struggle for me, knowing they are there to actually help and support me was a lot to adjust to. I have been in so many unhealthy relationships that tainted my ability to trust, I had gotten really good at pushing people away to protect myself from being hurt, overcoming the desire to push people away took some work. All of this has gotten easier with time, patience, and Trust in God!!

My advice to others is to find your higher power. God has truly restored my life and I know with Him beside me All things are possible!! A little over a year ago, I had absolutely no relationship with God, I was scared at first, but He was waiting with open arms for me to reach out to Him. Surrendering my life to Christ has been the most rewarding thing, I am a brand-new creature, better than I ever imagined I would ever be! I was baptized on February 28th at Adrian Christian Church and everyday God provides me with wisdom, strength, courage and patience to make the right choices and continue to grow in my faith, and become the best Mom, daughter, friend, Christian, and person I can possibly be!!!"

There are many moving parts to this ministry and we’re in the trenches serving our Lord in these last days and trying to help the addicted recover by being addicted to the ministry ourselves (1 Cor. 16:15). Thank you for your prayers and support, we couldn’t do what we do without you! I think that this will become a bi-monthly update (every 2 months), but I welcome your feedback / input…

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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