Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Monthly Update - December 2020

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – December 2020 edition… Below are some bullet points of the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last month:
  • Molessa A. completed The Journey Home on 12-6 and we honored her on 12-18, she gave a great testimony of God’s goodness to our largest group ever (65 adults)!

  • On 12-14, Life Issues helped a lady fix her car, it was a minor repair but a major blessing to her!
  • We sent Christmas cards to 7 inmates on 12-15, and one of the inmates is part of a Bible study group that designed a card for us in return, that everyone signed (see attached pic of the elaborate card)!

  • Chuck and I worked at Harrisonville’s Shepherd’s Staff food pantry on 12-11, it was a blessing to bless others!
  • Our own food pantry (Morsels For Many) got utilized a lot in 2020, we distributed 34 boxes of food to the needy (compared to 25 the previous year).
  • HBF gathered supplies for an additional 25 Christmas boxes of food, each containing items to feed a family of 6-8 a Christmas meal. My Sunday School class (The Foundation ABF) was in charge of distributing them this year. This was an effort to give food to people in our church who might not have been able to have a nice Christmas dinner on their own; attached are pictures of the wrapped boxes empty and another with them full, and the people who helped assemble and distribute them.

  • I got to baptize Alicia H. on 12-13 (see attached picture), so her and Connie M. and Ed. M. joined HBF on 12-20 and they were welcomed by the whole church body (see attached pics), we’re thrilled to have them!

  • We took a box of Bibles (24 Bibles) to the jail on 12-27, for the deputies to distribute upon request from inmates.
  • Life Issues had its Christmas party on 12-18 this year and Linda J. read the Christmas story to the kids and adults in attendance (see attached picture). Santa visited that night too and got many photo ops with our kiddos and gave out gifts to them with the help of some elves!

  • Pat L. helped get a young man into detox on 12-22 & got him into a rehab facility on 12-31; this was a monumental effort since it’s hard to get into anywhere with Covid. Anyway, please pray that this man’s life will be changed in the recovery process!!!
  • I went and picked up one of our students from the Greyhound bus station after Christmas on 12-27 and took him home after being out of town over the holidays, and didn’t have a ride.
  • We also helped homeless couple with a box of food and 1 night of emergency housing on 12-29. We gave another box of food and gas card to a different couple that same day.
  • Zach M. phased up (level 3 of 4) in the Drug Court program in early January, so he’s over halfway through this course. We’re so proud of him and now he can work full time and afford his own place and get more grafted into society and a “normal” life.
  • Our Life Issues group cleaned church on 1-3 (mainly Jimmie and Rosie); it’s a blessing to me to see our folks give back! Life issues is a blessing to me in many ways, but one of the ways that I see, is when folks willingly give back. Some give back in part because they need community service but often, they just feel like volunteering; I had 2 men tell me last night to let them know if we need help with anything!
  • Life Issues will be having a Super Bowl party on 2-7 in the south trailer, this will also be our 10-year anniversary of Life Issues, hallelujah!

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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