Over the years we have collected witty quotes and sayings from our students.   Many of these are based on biblical principles found in God's word, however they have been restated or paraphrased by our students in a recovery setting.   Below is a list of our favorites.

"We are not in ministry for the INCOME , but rather the OUTCOME"

“There’s no high like the most high”

“Some people are further down the recover road than others, but it’s still the same distance from the ditch.”

“God gave his best to save the worst”

“There are two battles in recovery: breaking free and staying free.”

“I'm prepared to go anywhere, as long as it's forward" David Livingstone

“All of us are addicted to something, and it's either destroying us or edifying us!”

“It’s high time we stop making time to get high.”

“Neither addiction or recovery are individual efforts!”

"Temptation is the seduction to do something wrong"

"Success is sometimes the first step of a fall"

"God is the Impossibility Specialist"

"Sin never leaves a man better than it found him"

"Sin never delivers what it promises"

"Sin destroys everything it touches"

"The Church is God’s support group"

"God loves you just the way you are, but he loves you too much to let you stay that way"

"God can strike straight while using a crooked stick"

"Your past doesn’t define you, nor does it have to dictate your future"

"There’s a high cost to low living"

"We should not talk about what we did to God; we should talk about what God has done for us"

"People don't care how much u know until they know how much u care"

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