Life Issues – Addiction Recovery Program Overview

Life Issues is an addiction recovery ministry that is an outreach of Heartland Baptist Fellowship (HBF) of Cass County, a not-for-profit ministry located in Harrisonville, Missouri. This ministry serves individuals and their families in the Cass County region of Missouri by meeting the various practical needs that they encounter through addiction and poor choices. Life Issues is focused on imparting God’s wisdom into people’s hearts and teaching life skills to help break the cycle of sin and to keep it from becoming generational.

Life Issues was formed in January 2011, and holds weekly meetings Friday at 7pm; we are a post-treatment support group and partners with the Cass County Drug Court and DWI Court. It is not necessary to be a member of HBF to come to meetings.

Many come to us as referrals or after hearing of us through HBF’s jail ministry. Some are moms and dads seeking help for their children, and others are seeking help for a family member, friend or even themselves. Several of our students are involved in other local recovery programs, and choose to attend our weekly meetings to add a faith-based component to their recovery, and to utilize the benefits of our support group.

Life Issues has two levels of program completion / accomplishment that we offer, one is our Alumni status and the other is our Graduate status. In order to become a Life Issues Alumni, a student will need to remain clean / sober, attend 40 meetings, and also have evidence of God working in their life. In order to become a Life Issues Graduate, a student will need to complete one of our one-on-one sponsor led programs, as well as attend 20 meetings.

After tracking attendance, monitoring behavior, and considering a student’s relationship with Christ, we will award students with an Alumni token / status during the final Friday night of a month’s meeting. For our one-on-one sponsor led programs, a student will need to complete all nine (9) lessons and attend 20 meetings, which is usually a 6-9 month endeavor; upon completion they will be awarded our Victory / Graduate token during the final Friday night of a month’s meeting.

Our early stage recovery program is called The Journey Home (TJH) and our late stage recovery program is called Truth About Temptations (TATs). After filling out our student application form, we will analyze which path best fits the applicant and assign a sponsor to the student (men with men & ladies with ladies). It will be up to the sponsor and student to work out a time and place to meet, outside of regularly scheduled meetings, and begin working through the program.

There is no charge to attend our meetings, or to receive counseling in small groups, or for our one-on-one programs; Jesus told his disciples “…freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8), so we have made these resources available for free. If you are interested in coming to our meetings, just show up and enjoy yourself; if you need documentation for the Drug Court or DWI Court that you have attended our meeting, just ask, and we can give you something in writing.

If you desire to go through our whole program, simply attend a meeting and contact one of our leaders.   They will give you the application form, and we’ll connect you with a sponsor as quickly as possible.

Steve Fleshman – Life Issues Founder & Pastor / Licensed Minister
P: 816-896-5621 / E: