Thursday, September 9, 2021

Monthly Update : July & August 2021

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – July / August 2021 edition. Below are the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last couple of months (and some upcoming items):

· Angie and I celebrated 39 years of marriage on 8-14; we’re still very happy and deeply in love!

· Chris C. has been leading meetings every other week since April, it’s great have this young man exercising his gifts and abilities in helping to lead our group! Chris is evidence that addicts can be made free and aren’t perpetually addicted; he comes from a life of addiction but is now a leader in our ministry and our church and recently led a 4-man mission trip to Boston from 8-24 thru 8-31 (see attached pic).


· Two men started our TJH program during this season, we’re excited for both them and their sponsors.

· Rebecca W. court went good on 7-13, next one on 9-8, she’s doing good @ Healing House (HH) and came down and gave a great testimony at our Recovery Walk, we’re very proud of her!

· Life Issues paid for one of our lady’s personal property taxes on 7-14, to get her vehicle licensed!

· Went to Alicia H’s graduation from Lily’s house on 7/16 (see pics), we’re so proud of this young lady!


· Life Issues had several folks attend the Royal’s Faith and Family Day @ The “K” on 7-17, where we stayed afterwards for the Zach Williams concert and gospel presentation by Scott Dawson, and each of us got to counsel a person with the plan of salvation (see pic of Pat and I).

Some of our benevolence given the last couple of months (in addition to several bags of food):
  • We helped Nathan (homeless man) replace his stolen phone and gave him a one-month plan on 7/16. 
  • We took a student from jail to treatment on 7-20. Helped homeless man with emergency housing on 7-25. 
  • Took food to two homeless couples on 8-8-21. 
  • Helped homeless lady with 3 nights in motel on 8-25. 
  • Helped inmate / former student with money on his books so that he could write and call out, in August. 
  • We helped a lady with emergency housing and into Lily’s House on 8-29. 
  • Helped lady with electric bill on 8-26 and have taken her water and food and trying to get her into treatment. 
  • Lastly, we picked up a man from jail and took him to probation / parole in Belton, where Chris and Pat got to lead him to Christ, before buying him a bus ticket to Burlington Iowa, just 20 minutes from Mike Blake’s church!

· HBF helped one of our ladies, who had suffered a financial setback, with her car insurance around the middle of August.

· HBF helped Josh N. with his pay-it-forward Baby diaper drive project for the Drug Court Program, from June 25th thru July 11th, and he collected 7059 diapers and 24332 wipes (see attached FB pic)!


· Molessa A. completed her peer counselling certificate, and mental health first aid (see attachments).


· Helped friend get his alcoholic son into a detox facility in early August, this was a huge praise that may have saved his life.

· Pat led Marcy’s uncle to Christ after church on 8-22, halleluiah! Marcy and her husband Matt started discipleship with the Bonnesen’s in late August and will give their testimony on 9-24.

· The Parrotts got custody of their son, Conor, at court on 8-25, this took over 3 years, and we rejoice!

· I got to perform a wedding on 8-28 for a couple from church, James and Laurie (see attached pic).


I got diagnosed with Covid on 8-29 and missed the walk, but it was a huge success without me. My symptoms were mild, and I didn’t give it to anyone, and I’ve made a full recovery, all glory to God!
  • We only had 33 walkers this year, but we had dozens of volunteers and guests.
  • We had great door prizes and raffle prizes that were given to us!
  • It rained the morning of the walk and the morning after the walk, but the ski’s cleared just for us.
  • One of our lady students and one of our lady leaders gave stirring testimonies that night!
  • One of our volunteers had just gotten out of jail that day and prayed with Chris to be saved that night after hearing the testimonies. We also had a 10-year-old guest that night that prayed with one of our church member’s children to be saved, so 2 salvations at our event, PTL!
  • I don’t have the exact total yet, but Life Issues raised a little over $14,000 for the addicted!!! Attached is a picture of the back of our t-shirts with the gold level sponsors on it, thank you all!

We are gathering pictures from the walk and will make a video from them for the next update.

· Lastly, here is Pam J’s testimonies, she is one of our leaders / counselors: 

"Steve has asked me to give an update on what God is doing in my life now.

· I could list the things I am involved in, the works I accomplish in the ministry. I stay busy every day and watch for new opportunities to minister to my church family, in children’s ministries, with Life Issues meetings, and short-term mission trips. There was a time in my life that I would be pleased with reporting all this busywork in my life. But there is so much more going on than this busywork I want to brag on… I am learning that my successes are not measured by what God is doing THROUGH me, but what He is doing IN me. So, I would like to report what God is doing IN me today:

· God is teaching me how to love him with my WHOLE heart, speaking daily to me through his word. I am finding genuine rest and contentment in the things I am learning. God is giving me opportunities to practice seeing people through HIS eyes, to provide compassionate care through discipling and prayer rather than worldly care/things. God is teaching me how to listen better, judge less, and share His Bible promises instead of “my promises/ideas.” I am learning how to access the peace of God, which gives me more confidence and security. I am learning to give HIM all the cares, burdens, and worries that the enemy would want me to be distracted with. God has helped me understand that I am of no value without the touch of His hand on my life, and that He truly does reward obedience as He has promised.

· There is not enough room in this update to list all the things God is teaching me, as I make myself available to his instruction. If you want to hear more, I would love to meet with you to talk about all the blessings God gives his children if we would allow him to. Blessing, Pam"

· Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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