Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Monthly Update - June 2020

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – June 2020 edition… Below are some bullet points of the

highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last month:

 We share the gospel (1 Corinthians 15:1-4) every meeting and give people a chance to respond, and this month a couple of people did respond, so we rejoice with the angels for them (Luke 15:7, 10).

 We’re blessed to be a blessing, and this month we gave out 2 X $50 gas cards to help people get to work.

 One of our students graduated from Moral Recognition Therapy on 6-16.

 We bought food for our pantry on 6-26 and gave a student a box of food that very night!

 Pat completed re-writing his workbook (The Journey Home - TJH) on 6-17, and is in talks with the publisher for editing, copyright, publishing, etc.

 Theresa completed TJH on 6-30 with her sponsor, Angie, and is planning on taking HBF’s D2 course this fall!

 Kevin and Ray (and 4 others) graduated from HBF’s D2 course on 6-24; we’re so proud of these guys!

 We finished our 9-week overview of TJH on 7-2, this was beneficial for our whole group!

 Lauren graduated from HBI (HBF’s 4-year Bible Institute) on 6-28, her and her husband, Chris are both going to work with Life Issues again as much as they can, hooah!

 Several of our folks assisted HBF’s “Spark in the Park” outreach at Harrisonville’s Fourth of July event. We distributed water, American flags, John and Romans, tracts, and witnessed to our community!

 We gave a homeless lady 2 night’s stay in motel on 6-27 & 28

 I took a pickup load of clothing, shoes, and furniture to Lily House’s thrift store (Lily Pad) on 7-6, that a couple of generous people donated.

 HBF has a team that works at Harrisonville’s Ministerial Alliance food pantry (The Shepherd’s Staff) four times a year

 Zach has kind of been our superstar this month, he came thru and donated several hours to our church, cleaning out flower beds in the heat of the day! Zach also phased up to level #2 (out of 4) in the Drug Court program, so he’s on a good path of recovery and we’re very proud of him.

 A couple of months ago, Ed was referred to us and he seemed to be like-minded from the first day. Last night (7-10) he shared his testimony, one of the best I’ve ever heard; please look up our video at
http://www.facebook.com/lifeissuesonline and check it out

 I got to see Ashley’s free car (donated to her) Ashley is going to graduate from the Lily House this Week (7-15), so I’ll have pics of that next month; she’s really an example of what God can do in a life submitted to him, and plans to give her testimony at our RW on 9-4.

 Speaking of our 8 th Annual Recovery Walk (RW) that’s being held on 9-4, a lot is going on!

 We received our permit in early June, and secured bus transportation for walkers to start line.

 One of our men is producing this year’s promo video and should be done this week.

 Judge Rumley (Drug Court) has agreed to speak to the group at the conclusion of the event.

 We’ve selected our t-shirts and caps (Army green) and are getting a quote.

 We’ve given out over 25 pledge forms to people helping us get donations.

 We’ve solicited a dozen businesses online and are starting to put out posters.

 We’ve received over $3500 thus far, on our way to $12000 goal! Most of these are return sponsors, but one first time sponsor gave us $1000, hallelujah!

 July 31 st will be our Homecoming event, and we’ve got a great speaker lined up. This night is designed to mark the anchor leg of our fundraising race, so please invite folks to come

 So, it’s crunch time for our 8th Annual Life Issues - Recovery Walk Fundraiser; please consider how you might help us this year, either as a volunteer (we need about 40), solicit pledges, give donations, walk, or do all of the above!

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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