Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Monthly Update - January 2019

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – January 2018 edition… Below are some bullet points of the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last month:

- I attended Mission Focus a couple of evenings and a morning session in early January, and re-united with a recovery group leader from Ohio for a little bit, and he sent me some helpful literature.

- A community partner of ours, in Clinton Missouri, joined me in helping a needy couple by donating some furniture to them in early January, and this couple have begin attending our sister church in Clinton, New Life Baptist church.

- I met with two of our primary leaders on 1-8 to discuss 2019 plans

- Life Issues is working with Foster Care to help a family, by offering our program to a married couple who are trying to get their son back. They are attending meetings and going through our recovery program as part of a court ordered path, so we’re excited to be able to help restore a family!

- We stopped by the probation / parole office on 1-9 to drop off some of our literature for the officers and for them to distribute to a couple of judges; we’re thankful to have a good relationship with law enforcement in our community, hallelujah!

- We began helping a lady inmate (who wrote to us for help in December) on 1-10 with an application to Lily’s House (LH). She has now been accepted into the LH, but was transferred to a Kansas jail, due to an offense there, but hopes to be released any day and taken to LH!

- One of our men students finished TJH program on 1-15 and one of our lady students finished our D1 program on 1-22, we’re excited and thankful for both of their accomplishments!

- The two men at Salvation Army phased up to level # 5 (final phase) on 1-16!

- We worked with the Public Defender’s Office to transport a lady from Cass County Jail to Healing House (downtown KC) on 1-18.

- We had 18 people present at our annual Life Issues leadership meeting on 1-19. It was a great meeting with fresh ideas and good food and good fellowship!

- Life Issues helped distribute excess food from Sonic on 1-25, the Cass County Rescue Mission was able to use most of it and we cooked up the rest for our folks.

- Life Issues provided 2 nights emergency housing for a homeless man on 1-26 & 1-27, as well as helped him get his phone turned back on. This same young man made a decision to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ and follow him, and the following week was accepted into Joshua House!

- We had another young man show up at the end of our meeting on 2-1 and was heavy hearted and downcast by the world, he stayed around and also made a decision to begin a relationship with Christ!

- We had a couple of good testimonies given at the end of January, stories of deliverance and victory. The parents of one of the men came to our meeting and were refreshed to hear of their prodigal son’s confessions and journey home!

- Life Issues has had a new opportunity come to us in the last 2 months, because 3 different ministry leaders from 3 different parts of the United States have contacted me requesting counsel on how to start a recovery group in their church. After talking with these men on the phone and formalizing some of our documents and policies, I mailed a Life Issues start up kit to each of them on 2-2; one to a jail minister in Mississippi, one to a school teacher in Iowa, and one to senior pastor in Colorado! I don’t know if any of these men will use any of our materials or not, but we are trying to make Life Issues a reproducible program and each of these men seemed sincere in their desire to reach the addicted in their communities and churches, so please pray with me for this effort to bless others.

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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