Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Monthly Update - February 2019

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – February 2019 edition… Below are some bullet points of the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last month:

- It seems like a long time ago in some ways, but not long at all in other ways, but Life Issues celebrated it’s 8-year anniversary on 2-3 @ our Super Bowl Party, there were about 25 people present and plenty of food and fellowship.

- We took a man for a 21-day rehab on 2-7, and there seems to have been a breakthrough there for him as he was able to give his burden of resentment to the Lord; he is now back in church and coming to meetings!

- We gave a box of food to a lady and her son on 2-7, who were in a local motel.

- We helped a man purchase some work clothes on 2-8, after he got out of jail.

- One of our leaders helped a former student and his wife move on 2-9.

- One of our leaders and I did an in-home visit with one of our graduates who has bone cancer. Right now, the cancer is in remission, but the treatment has taken a toll on his health and he isn’t able to work right now. Please pray for this man and his family, for the Lord to provide for his need.

- Another leader and I visited Community Linc in downtown KC on 2-27, it is a 30-year-old organization with the goal of eliminating homelessness in Kansas City. We went there to see how they run things and to determine if we can send folks there for help; we really appreciated the 2-hour presentation and tour and hope to keep in contact with them to see how we can partner in the future.

- A couple of us went to one of our student’s graduation at the Salvation Army on 2-27, and we were thrilled to see this man’s daughter present as well. This program took 6 months to complete and we’re very proud of him and are excited that he will be moving into the Joshua House (the Stovall’s and myself were present).

- We had a couple of meeting cancellations in February due to weather conditions and had to cut one meeting short due to bad weather, this continues to be a hard winter!

- We visited a lady in Cass County Jail recently and are in communication with her mother, to help determine a home plan for her, it looks like she may get into Healing House in March.

- Although we had 2 folks graduate from our program last month, we’ve got a good crop of folks coming along and working our program! There’s 5 folks going through The Journey Home program, 6 in HBF’s D1 material, 3 in D2, and 2 of our leaders are in HBI, so I’m excited of how the Lord is using us to fulfill his great commission!

- On February 17th we helped a man with some gas money and paid for a month of minutes and data on his phone, to give him a vote of confidence that he wants to change. Although I know that I mostly share the good things that happen in Life Issues, I thought it necessary to share some negative things as well, to help us all understand the illogical actions and consequences of drugs and alcohol. This man got drunk a couple of weeks later and spoke of taking his life but ended up getting nearly home one night after talking to his sponsor, myself, and family members, but then drove off in a field and was found by the police under a tree in the snow. Anyway, it was sub-freezing temps and he’s fortunate to be alive, but he resisted arrest and is now in custody. I’m thankful for our law enforcement officers and I know that this man’s story is not over yet, but it grieves me to care about these folks while feeling so powerless to help them. Please pray for this man and for the next chapter in his life’s story to have a better outcome!

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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