Friday, September 7, 2018

Monthly Update - July 2018

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – July 2018 edition… Below are some bullet points of the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last month:

· Boy Big (LeVar Fletcher) and Desiree got engaged on 6-30! LeVar will be preforming a concert for us after our Recovery Walk on 8-31, so we rejoice with him and Desiree!

· We ordered 500 new trifolds and received them in early July.

· Life Issues gave emergency housing for a night to a friend of a friend of our ministry, who was in need on 7-5.

· We had one young man make a strong profession of faith after our meeting on 7-6, hallelujah!

· A group of about 11 from our church / ministry went to Faith & Family Day at the K and served as counselors on 7-7. There were over 100 people that responded to the gospel invitation and we got to meet with several of them, PTL!

· Pat Lee led us through some training on our Recovery Program workbook (The Journey Home) on 7-12. We had 15 in attendance and we had good discussion; everyone is excited about sponsoring someone!

· Our Life Issues group cleaned the church on 7-13.

· Life Issues helped a student with their electric bill on 7-15.

· We helped a stranded man get home to Clinton MO on 7-19

· Mark S. and two other men went into Ozark Correctional facility on 7-21 to preach Jesus to inmates! Mark reported that many of the men that they met were already saved, but he is following up with one man who wanted discipleship via correspondence.

· We gave away a box of food and some gas money to a family in need on 7-27

· We had another man get saved @ JH after Bible study on 7-29, with Pat & Chris!

· Everything seems to be on track for our upcoming Recovery Walk, we’ve raised around $5000 on our way to a goal of $12,000. Please make plans to come out and walk with us on 8-31; registration starts at 5:30 at HBF and the walk starts at 6:30 at the Justice center (walkers will be bussed to Justice Center from the church).

I want to encourage you by the story of a lady who supports our ministry and how her husband came to saving faith in Jesus Christ recently: 
"I decided to let you know of how my husband came to the Lord! It started in April. I had gone on a trip to Branson with my best friend. We attended the Mo Baptist children's home fundraiser. I was gone a little over 24hrs. In those hours my husband REALLY missed me. We had a good marriage before. But we were always together. He never wanted to go out or be affectionate really. It was something I complained about a lot. Well... God spoke to him while I was gone! I came home to a new man. He wanted to go out and do things together. He wanted to be more active with our children. Our Marriage became stronger and deeper. One night my 4 year old daughter said "Jesus lives in my heart Daddy" And I saw a new light in his eyes. He started going to church with us on Sundays and reading bedtime bible stories with our kids. 

In June he and I had a weekend get away to Eureka Springs Arkansas. We saw the great passion play. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING and on the way home from that trip he said "babe, I’d like to ask Jesus to live in my heart. I want to live my life for him" I was so over joyed! He prayed for forgiveness and asked Jesus to come into his heart on the way home from the play, and that following Sunday he came forward at church and asked to be baptized! 

On July 1st he was baptized! VICTORY IN JESUS! He is 5 years sober from Methamphetamine and has Been talking with Pastor John about maybe giving a testimony for his recovery program. I have prayed and prayed and prayed for God to soften his heart. I cannot explain the peace in my soul knowing I will be with my love for eternity. And how Joyful I am to raise my children in a 100% Christian home. "

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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