Monday, July 2, 2018

Monthly Update - June 2018

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – June 2018 edition… Below are some bullet points of the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last month:

· Life Issues suspended our childcare benefit on 6-1 due to lack of workers / availability, but will revisit and reconsider our options in early 2019☹.

· Life Issues helped a student purchase a part for their car on 6-1.

· An inmate graduated from our 6 lesson “Are You Sure? Be Sure!” program on 6-9 via correspondence.

· We had a leadership meeting on 6-9 and our Recover Walk kick-off meeting on 6-18, much was accomplished!

· Donnie got baptized on 6-10 and became an HBF member!

· One of our supporter’s husband got saved on 6-10, and one of our One of our student’s sister rededicated her life to Christ the last week of June, it’s great to be a part of a ministry where people are getting saved!

· Another one of our supporter’s wife got a job in mid-June, after being off work for several months, PTL!

· Another one of our supporters was asked for money from a long-time friend, and by faith he did it, and found out the next day that another friend from another state had some money that he was sending him for something he had forgotten about, which was more than he gave away!

· We were able to provide a couple of boxes of food for family involved in a car wreck on 6-17, our group also took food over to their house 3 different times as mom and dad recovered.

· A woman who watched this family’s children for the last few years, felt like the Lord was prompting her to give this couple an extra vehicle that she had, so by faith she obeyed and blessed this family with a nice car on 6-22!

· HBF’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) was the last week of June and one of our leaders was a teacher there! It was a very quality VBS and our whole church rallied around this effort, and many kids and adults were blessed!

· Life Issues ordered and received new trifolds this month, and we gave a student some community service time to fold them. Ironically, I received text on 6-29 from someone who works at the Cass County Psychological Center, and they are requesting trifolds to give to their clients!

· We’re working with the mother of an inmate, to help him find a rehab for him when he gets out in late July.

· One of our students informed me of his commitment to purity in his relationship with a girlfriend on 6-24, so I’m thrilled that the word of God is having an effect on people’s hearts in this way!

· There were two good testimonies given in June, Rosie and DeOnna ; it’s great to hear of how God is working in these two lady’s lives!

· Our Recovery Walk is blossoming into a beautiful event, and things are starting to come together, we’ve already received about $1000 in pledges and below are some of the new things at this year’s walk.

1. Memory wall – Brief bio placards of friends and family who’ve died due to drug related causes

2. Sobriety wall – We will have a place for people to post their days, weeks, years of sobriety.

3. Rhythm and Blues recording artist, Boy Big (AKA LeVar Fletcher) and his DJ will give a free 2-hour concert at the end of the walk.

4. There will be a 1-hour pre-concert show, with a guest group or two (TBA), and speakers.

5. There will be 7 different booths present, from various recovery related organizations.

As we put together the cover letter for this year’s walk, our administrative director reminded me that we have now had over 800 people attend Life Issues meeting/s. While I don’t know where most of them are at today, I can tell you that they each heard the gospel and each received a free Bible! That means that Life Issues has given away over 800 Bibles, to 800 souls, to read and find help in time of need. 

I corresponded with a judge this week about an individual, and I was thankful to read his kind remarks about Life Issues, “…I’m glad he is doing well and I hope he continues to be successful in his recovery. He couldn't have a better program than what you are providing him… Thank you for your work in the community to help people find recovery through the church. Your work is much needed and has value beyond description.” 

The word of God and the souls of men are the only two things that are eternal in this life, it’s thrilling to know that we are “Making a Difference” by investing in each of these two things!

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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