Monday, April 9, 2018

Monthly Update - March 2018

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – March 2018 edition… Below are some bullet points of the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last month:

• Our whole life Issues group worked together to clean the church on 3-2, PTL!

• One of our men got a blessing in court on 3-5, and is now on 5 years of unsupervised probation! This same man got a promotion @ work, so God is giving him beauty for ashes in his life – Isaiah 61:3!

• On 3-4, our Tuesday night edition of Life Issues celebrated its 3-year anniversary of weekly meetings, Pat and the team are doing a great job, and we rejoice!

• One of our men got saved on 3-8 with Pat Lee!

• One of our lady’s got her teeth replaced on 3-10, she had lost several of them due to meth!

• We had two men, Chuck and Zach, obeyed the Lord in believer’s baptism and become members of HBF on 3-11 (see attached picture)!

• We sent our recovery material (The Journey Home – TJH) to a group in Sedalia MO on 3-11, who want to use it in their Jail ministry, so we’re excited to partner with them and see how God will use it!

• One of our men walked down a 6-year probation period on 3-16, so he’s a free man now!

• We have one student in the Salvation Army’s program and one in the City Union Mission’s program (both are in downtown KC), and both men are flourishing, for which we are so thankful!

• One of our senior ladies took a fall in early March and broke her are severely, and some of our folks took her meals for a couple of weeks; she is now back to church, meetings, and serving the Lord!

• We provided community service hours for one of the Drug Court students in March, by having him help paint the inside of our church for a couple of days, it was a win – win for both of us!

• We gave a married couple an emergency night’s stay in a motel on 3-24 and HBF gave them a whole week’s stay, until they got paid and were able to sustain themselves!

• Pat Lee and Chris continue to do a great work with the men at JH on Sunday nights, Pat reports that this Bible study has been profitable in many ways, and we are seeing the fruit!

• The final Friday of each month is always special, but this March (3-30) was extra special! Not only did we have a comedian lady who ministered to us with humor and special music, and not only did we take a group picture (45 adults present, plus kiddos), but we also graduated 3 people and 2 Alumni!

- Chuck and Rebecca are now Life Issues Alumni (we have 54 Alumni’s)

- Caleb, Danny, and Cameron graduated from our program (we have 15 graduates, and several others that have completed HBF’s discipleship course)

Mark (and his wife Laura) began leading the Prisoners Of Hope (POH) Jail ministry at the beginning of March! We are very proud of Mark and Laura and the team of men and women that go into the Cass County Jail every week, many of the folks we see at meetings are a result of the POH ministry, it’s one of our main pipelines of new folks (lol). We write and visit some folks while they’re incarcerated, and even minister to their loved ones on the outside when appropriate, while always upholding the law and never circumventing judgment. We believe that the powers that be are ordained of God (Romans 13:1), so we endeavor to work with local law enforcement officials to bring about true “corrections”, our niche being spiritual and issues of the heart. I am currently writing to two men in County, one of which is a repeat offender, but I’m going to visit him soon in hopes that he’s reached bottom this time and is ready to look up, the other has been a drug dealer with gang affiliation, who has now accepted Christ; I’m corresponding to him with our program and the journaling he is responding with is from a broken and contrite heart and one that is seeking Christ. I am speaking with his sister on the outside and she sees the difference in him, please pray for these souls with me.

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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