Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2015 Next Step Walk

Friends and supporters of Life Issues:

Life Issues is an addiction recovery ministry that is an outreach of Heartland Baptist Fellowship (HBF) of Cass County, a not-for-profit ministry located in Harrisonville, Missouri.  Life Issues is hosting a community-wide fundraising event to raise awareness and financial support for this Christ-centered ministry on August 29th, 2015.

This ministry serves individuals and their families in the Cass county region of Missouri by meeting the various practical needs that they encounter through addiction and poor choices.  It is a structured recovery program built upon biblical wisdom and caring accountability.  Life Issues hosts meetings on Tuesday nights at 6:30 and Friday nights at 7pm and focuses on imparting God’s wisdom into people’s heart and teaching life skills to help break the cycle of sin and to keep it from becoming generational.

Life Issues was formed in January 2011, and since that time over 450 souls have walked through our doors.  As an approved recovery and post-treatment support group of the Cass County Drug Court and DWI court, many come as referrals or after hearing of us through HBF’s jail ministry.  Some are moms and dads seeking help for their children, and others are seeking help for a family member, friend or even themselves. We even have a teen group on Friday nights now, which offers small group support.

Life Issues would like invite you to participate in this symbolic walk that represents the desire of our students and those getting out of jail to take that NEXT right STEP.  Your generous donation will offset the ongoing costs of the ministry that include emergency housing, food, transportation, Christmas outreach, and monthly activities.  As we prepare to take the next step of growth as a ministry, financial support would help with teaching materials, supplies, and counseling/rehabilitation services.

If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to this worthy cause, you may give electronically by going to our blog at www.lifeissuesonline.org and clicking on the “Donation Button”.  You may also send a check directly to Heartland Baptist Fellowship, PO Box 351, Harrisonville, MO  64701, and list “Life Issues” in the memo line.  As we continue to move forward with our mission to give love, acceptance, help and hope to those affected by addiction, it is refreshing to partner with those who are passionate about improving their community, and looking for a way to give back.

Thank you for being willing to give so generously, we hope to see you at the Next Step Walk on Saturday (at 7am) August 29th, 2015 at Heartland Baptist Fellowship.

Steve Fleshman,                                                       Tax Exempt # 18187056
Life Issues Pastor and Founder                              Federal Tax ID # 01-0548351

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