Thursday, November 10, 2022

Monthly Update - September & October 2022

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – September / October 2022 edition. Below are the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last couple of months (new format):

I. Benevolence

· One of our ladies took food & water & Bible to a homeless lady on 9-21.

· Gave food to a lady that Shiloh's helping to get into Restoration House on 9-23.

· Gave a lady $50 gas card on 9-23 and some Culver's coupons.

· Gave a lady and daughter a box of food on 9-29.

· Gave box of food to couple in need on 10-3.

· Helped a lady move on 10-30

· Because of such a great fundraiser this year, we were also able to partner with another church to help one of our students get her new dentures / teeth on 10-22, which she needed because of meth use, now she can smile big, PTL!

· Life Issues paid for a single mom to get her electric turned on at her new apartment, on 11-2!

II. Jail update

· We’ve written to several letters to inmates over the last 2 months, and several have written back! The man I’m writing to has completed 6 out of 7 discipleship lessons!

· The outreach at the Cass County Juvenile Detention Center got counselled due to them not having enough staff for us to come into their facility, I’ll notify folks if that door opens again☹

· One of the inmates that we’ve written to for a couple of years, got out of prison on 10-14 and has been coming to meetings and church, here is a brief testimony from him:

"Well, I've learned in recovery that you got to work it, you got to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. You got to put action your desire, you got to change the people know and places you go. Surround yourself with people with either similar goals, or just a God-fearing mind set. You have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable.

For me, I had to step out of my comfort zone and ride it out. That’s what drew me to Life Issues group. I wanted to be a part of something to where I could share anything and not feel judged but feel the total opposite. I feel accepted by my newfound family. I feel unity, security, and honesty.” C.R.

III. Church

· Our recovery group cleaned the church on 10-14

· The Word First ministry in our church made 300 Freedom Bibles for Life Issues on 10-12, and we dropped off a box of them (21) at the jail on 10-22

· Our church provided 2 days of Community service for a high school student who had to complete 100 hours, it was a blessing for him and us, and his parents appreciated us working with him!

· Several of our students and leaders are involved in discipleship:

o D1: These folks are in our one-on-one continue discipleship material – Krystal W. is with Kelly T.; Chuck H. with Dave B., Ed M. with Chris C., Brian R. with Pat L., Sarah W. with Linda J.

o D2: Suzanne R. and Pam A. are in D2 and are about a third of the way through this 9-month class!

o HBI: One of our lady leaders, Pam J., taking all 4 classes, so pray for her to press towards the mark.

o TJH (The Journey Home): Right now we only have one man going through our program, Dustin T.

IV. Recovery

· Sarah J. has over 200 days clean now 

o Sarah is a bright spot in our ministry, she led an alcoholic woman to Christ a little over a month ago, who is going to church with her, and a couple of weeks ago she led a family to Christ (man, woman, and child), hallelujah!

o See her before and after pic as well as the one with her sons!


· Several of our Life Issues men recently attended HBF’s annual Men’s Conference

· A good friend of mine, Raymond H., has been teaching big group a few times recently and is doing a great job, we’re very thankful that he’s got a heart for the addicted and is using his gifts to minister!

· We had a Planet Fitness 1-year membership certificate given to us for our fundraiser this year, and we were able to pass it onto one of our students who has be praying about joining a gym but not able to afford to go, it was a true blessing to her!

V. Events

· Chris (one of our leaders) performed his brother's wedding on 9-23!

· Some of us helped with the Memorial Service for Parrott’s on 10-1 @ HBF. The Parrott’s are a faithful couple who have come to Life Issues for over 3 years, and Brian’s parents both died in July, so we were glad to have a place for them to honor their parents!

· Our 10th annual Recovery Walk was held on September 2nd, this is our annual fundraiser and it raised almost $16,000 (see money thermos pic), here is the video link: 2022 Recovery Walk video - YouTube

· I want to sincerely thank ever person who contributed to this event, from the bottom of my heart; thanks for sharing my burden and for “Making A Difference”!

VI. People

· One of our disabled students moved to nursing home on 9-12, which was a blessing for him and it’s also closer to church so it’s easier to get him to meetings and church!

· Krista G. got full custody of her son, back in September, we’re so happy for her

· I got to lead a lady to Christ over the phone on 9-20-22!

· Sara Bidondo got her PTSD certification a few years ago, but just not got her certificate

· I went and worked @ the Harrisonville food pantry on 10-21, there were about 8 HBF & LIM folks there that day, but I failed to get a pic☹

· I agree with John when he said that “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 3rd John 1:4. Recently one of our former students and his wife (I got to marry them 5-7 years ago) came to our house to visit. This young couple are still in love with each other and the Lord and are involved in serving Christ at their church. They are both working jobs and also have a home business selling plants, here’s their website in case you’re in the market for something:

· Please pray for God to use us mightily in 2022, for without him we can do nothing, but through Him we can do all things! Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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