Thursday, September 14, 2017

Monthly Update - May 2017

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – May 2017 edition…

Below are some bullet points of the highlights that happened in the Life Issues ministry over the last month:

· Our good friends at the Cass County Rescue Mission (CCRM) celebrated 5 years of ministry in April.
· Bill’s son, Billy, graduated from college in Rolla MO on 5-12, with an engineering degree and has accepted a job in Michigan, PTL!
· Life Issues had five people make professions of faith in the last month, Hallelujah!
· Two of these folks asked Christ into their heart after Jeff ’s testimony on 5-26!
· One of our students went to a 21-day in-patent treatment @ Pathways in Warrensburg, and while they were there, we took a 12-member team down one evening to encourage them!
· One of our students walked down his parole, is now off paper, and is a free man!
· We collaborated with HBF to give a family a week's stay at a motel on 5-22.
· We gave away four boxes of food last month, and several other overages that came in!
· We helped a lady with a tank of gas, so that she can get her husband back and forth to work.
· We threw a baby shower for Holly, as she is expecting a baby girl later this summer!
· Chris gave a powerful testimony to nearly 250 people at HBF’s church in the park on 6-4!

· We had a great annual meeting on 6-3 with 41 people in attendance, below is summary of what we discussed:

o We printed and distributed a booklet with our meeting agenda and several of Life Issues’ operating / guiding principles, as a way to capture who we are and what we do.
o We discussed Life Issues’ mission statement “Helping, saving, freeing; by the Spirit of the Lord”
o We distributed a snake pen gift as a way of remembering that we are to be winning souls.
o We heard from three of our leaders about their niches in our recovery ministry:

- Mitch and Kelly  – Miners – our new childcare leaders
- Mark and Laura  – Morsels for Many – Food pantry
- Chris  – our new events coordinator

o We played our 2016 Recovery Walk video and kicked off our 2017 Recovery Walk
- We discussed our current finances, I hope to raise $15,000 this year
- We distributed pledge forms and business letters to all who want to solicit pledges
- Our walk will be on September 1st this year, see attached business letter for details
- Our next meeting will be July 15 @ 9am @ HBF, to finalize plans (please attend).

o Jim gave us some wonderful Life Issues statistics, as summarized below:

- Over 700 people have attended Life Issues meetings
- 40 people have become HBF members via Life Issues (some in other churches too)
- Over 20 people have completed one of our recovery programs
- About 60 people have now achieved Alumni status with Life Issues (8 tagged @ mtg.)
- We are averaging over 30 people per meeting now (two meetings per week)

o Pat Lee spent the last portion of our meeting, discussing our early stage recovery program “The Journey Home”, which describes his journey to freedom. This new workbook gives a blue print for recovery to others, and we are very excited about how God is going to use it!
· There was good synergy at our meeting and in our ministry right now, and I believe that we are poised and positioned to “make a difference” in many lives and in the world in these last days, thank you for supporting us with your prayers and resources, may God richly bless you for it!

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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