Monday, October 3, 2016

Monthly Update - September 2016

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – August 2016 edition…

Friends, Angie and I just returned from a vacation out west to visit our daughter and family in Seattle WA, it was a blessed trip and we saw many breath-taking sights, but we miss those grandbabies again already! August was a great month for Life Issues, and our group surprised Angie and I with a cake, card, and party for our 34h wedding anniversary!

Many good things happened in August and I’m thrilled to report that Life Issues saw a couple of salvations, one new student gave his life to Christ and one lady who has been coming for a while made sure of her salvation! Two of our leaders helped to pack up a dear servant of the Lord, and drive her to Florida in August. This lady has ministered to us and with us for many years, so I was proud of our team to give her a good parting gift of helping her to move away.

Bryon Callaway capped off August (8-26) with a wonderful testimony of God’s deliverance from meth and alcohol, and again for our Tuesday night group on 9-6! We lost the use of our sound booth on 8-26, but Bryon and our singing group improvised, adapted, and overcame. Our group loved on and rallied around Bryon and wife, Tammy, as they prepare to leave for the mission field of Zambia Africa in October 2016; our thoughts and prayers go with them!  Bryon's testimony from 8-26 was recorded and is available here on our Life Issues Youtube Channel.

We’ll have Amber C. come and share how God was the source of her recovery several years ago, on 9-30; and explain how he is using her today! We record each month’s testimonies, and we’ve got a good library of past testimonies now, so please let us know if you would like to listen to any of them via CD (we’ll try to get them on our web page soon).

God is orchestrating good things in September too; we have a man coming to meetings and church now, who we were writing to and who recently got out of prison, and he is zealous for the Lord! Also in September, the ministerial alliance in Archie MO wants to begin distributing our literature in the packets of material that they give to people who come to their food pantry, desiring assistance! We will be having a booth at Harrisonville’s Burnt District Festival on 9-30 7 10-1, as an outreach to our community. This year we will be giving away nearly 500 walking sticks along with color beads that describe the gospel in a wordless fashion. One of our students has fabricated these sticks and another of our students will be assembling the color beads and literature on them as community service.

Although we didn’t have as many walkers (41) at our annual fundraiser on 9-3 as I would have liked, God gave us perfect weather, a sweat spirit of cooperation, and we raised almost $11,000 for our ministry! In addition to the 41 walkers, we had about 40 volunteers and workers that helped make this event possible, and I really appreciate all that everyone did! The main reason that we raised more money than ever, is because we got more businesses than ever to support us! We used several of the gift certificates that businesses gave us, as door prizes, and raffle prizes and below were the winners:

1. Door prize # 3 – Rex and Diana F.

2. Door prize #2 – Stephanie

3. Door prize # 1 – Jason and Julie L.

4. Royals raffle – Luke and Brenda

5. Chief’s raffle – Austin

One of our students and his wife gave a moving testimony of how God has used Life Issues to help them recover and restore their family, during our breakfast time after the walk. Judge Rumley also spoke during our breakfast time and described their program and its success, and how they partner with us to fight drug abuse and help people to recover. Several people from the Drug Court / DUI team were present at their booth, as well a supervisor from the probation office in Belton. We also had other wonderful services represented with booths at our walk, namely the Life Choice Center and the Shepherd’s Staff Food Pantry (one of our leader’s is the president of it), and HBF’s Prisoners Of Hope (POH) jail ministry. All of these services are doing a wonderful job at meeting the needs of poor, needy, and addicted!

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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