Friday, November 13, 2015

Monthly Update - November 2015

Making a difference update, from the recovery field – November 2015 edition…

October was an exciting month for Life Issues; beginning with a tornado warning that occurred during a meeting one Friday night, in which we had to take refuge in the back hallway of church! The Lord was in control and although the storm clouds seemed ominous, God gave us peace in the midst of it, and we didn’t suffer loss. On the last Friday of the month (10-30), Ruby gave a great testimony of coming from a difficult childhood, having a mother with drug problems, different father figures, but also some foster parents that took her to church! Ruby found Christ at 13 years old, and is now happily married,  hallelujah!

Pat Lee and I traveled to Warsaw MO on 10-19 and took part in Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler’s Anti-Drug task force meeting. There were approximately 60-80 other attendees, representing approximately 20 other anti-drug entities / organizations. It was good to network with some of them that day, and I have 2-3 follow up contacts to make. One of the most profound things that I heard that day, was when a sheriff said that “We’ve lost the war on drugs, but we must not lose the war on drug addiction”. That statement resonated with me and others, and by God’s grace we are fighting the good fight of faith, and there is victory in Jesus! I think that one of Vicky’s take-aways was that she would pursue having all counties in her district, to have a Drug Court program.

As promised, the video from our Next Step Walk has been uploaded to the Life Issues YouTube Channel.  You can click HERE, or  you can copy and paste the URL link (below) into your web browser, in order to view it.  You can also go to You Tube and search for “Steve Fleshman”, and all 7 of our videos will be the second hit under searching for my name, so you can view any of them. I really appreciate Lauren Stovall for their efforts in loading these up and keeping our face book and web page current!

Our church, Heartland Baptist Fellowship (HBF)  had a Harvest Party during the day on 10-31, and 8-10 of our folks helped with or ran a carnival type booth, one of our ladies dressed up as a clown! Linda headed up this effort for us, I was really proud of her and all of our folks for helping to make this a great outreach of our church, to the community and the children. Also, on the people front, there is a man who mainly comes to our Tuesday night meeting that will be graduating from the Drug Court this month or early next month! We have one man and one lady begin our TATs program in October, and Angie and I will starting HBF’s discipleship program with a couple this month, so many good things are happening!

One last thing that I’m excited about is Pat Lee’s new work book that he is working hard to complete and publish! The writing is complete, and now he’s in the editing and condensing mode, before sending a final copy to the publisher early next year. The work book is called, “The Journey Home”, and we think that it will be effective in helping people in early recovery and we’re hoping to get copies of it into jails and prison, if it’s the Lord’s will. We know that the Lord’s good hand is upon us, but in spite of all the good things going on, we have many disappointments and hurdles to overcome by God’s grace too, will you commit to praying for us?

Sincerely, Steve Fleshman – Life Issues pastor and founder, Proverbs 4:23…

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