Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What is fear?
Is it anger that rises up within?
Is it a voice?
Is it holding your breathe?
Is it hurt? Is it pleasure?
Is it safety?Is it a touch?
Is fear when something is given to you?
Is it paybacks? Is it sitting in a cell?
Is it sitting in a closed room or being alone?
Is fear sitting in a corner crawled up like a child?
Is it not being able to meet expectations?
Is it running for your life? Your families? Or your children?
Is it sleeping with a weapon next to your bed?
Is it what you may see in the dark?
Is it hallucinations,visions or dreams?
Is it feeling that something may be taken from you?
What is fear exactly?
Fear is what you let it be!
Fear for me has been in and around me!
I have been able to overcome a bit,
I no longer see myself at the bottom of a pit!
I am finding more strength throughout the days,
And starting to see a little more of the sunshine rays!
I have let fear be a big part in me,
but I have been given a special key!
A key to unlock an unbreakable door,
I have had to defeat many things attached to the floor!
I didn't think I'd make it through the hour,
But I felt I wasn't alone I could feel God's power!
I have accomplished many things,
To where I have survived all the stings!
With all the pain and sufferings,
I have started growing colorful wings!
One of these days I am going to be set free to fly,
So watch up because I am going to be soaring the sky!
You will say look at that beautiful butterfly,
Which once thought there was no hope
 and the only way to freedom was to die!
For all who think there is no hope,
There is a better way to cope!
If you just can not see,
Look I am here I am the real testimony!

Written By: Christina Collins 1-1-13

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