Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meeting Summary

Our video last Friday night was right on, because it gave us a detailed, step by step, description of how temptation leads to sin if not resisted. The speaker compared temptation to an appetite, and how there's three kinds of appetites; some that should be fed, some that should be suppressed, and some that should be starved. The appetites that should be fed are those things like going to church, reading our Bibles, family time, etc; because it causes that appetite to grow. The appetite that should be suppressed has to do with things that are OK in moderation, but could be harmful if done in excess, like shopping, eating, watching sports, etc. The appetite that should be starved is obviously things like drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc; which need to diminish by being starved. The speaker encouraged us to skip a meal and not indulge in those appetites that are harmful. After the video, we had a guest speaker, a 21 year old young man named Kyle; come in and share his testimony and also his burden for the lost. Kyle is preparing to go on a mission trip to India soon, and although he is young in the Lord, he challenged our group to get out of our comfort zone and not be ashamed to witness for the Lord. We applauded that young man for his wisdom, good preparation and delivery, and wished him well on his upcoming journey by faith, Steve...

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