Monday, September 24, 2012

Meeting Summary

Last Friday's meeting was one of our best from my perspective; it was well attended, hearts were touched, and our small group time found people getting honest about needing to rid their lives of sinful things and habits. I focused our Bible time on the story of Paul's journey to Rome as a prisoner on a ship, from Acts 27. Because the officers and crew of the ship rejected Paul's counsel initially, God caused a tempestuous wind to arise, which caused them much work, loss of hope, and prompted them to make a decision of faith in their crisis. Paul's captors and fellow prisoners experienced consequences from rejecting God's initial counsel, and at the end wanted to escape by life boat. This time around though, Paul's audience heeded his warning, just as I encouraged my audience to do, and cut off the ropes to their life boat and fully trust God with their lives. This life boat represented plan "B", and when it comes to God, we shouldn't have a plan "B"; we need to place all of our eggs in his basket, trusting that he will be merciful and spare us and allow us to redeem the time we have left, as he did Paul and his fellow sailors!

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